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HTM Phase 2b - Latest Mod idea

Jim Ellis

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Apr 1, 2013
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
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Ok, here's the latest thing I'm going to try with my 2 Air Hog 7300-S vacuum chain (4 vacs 2 in series + 2 in series):

- Add some 2 stage Ametek motors I have lying around - each gives 100" of lift.
- Add the 2 stage vacuum motors to the exhaust port of each Air Hog 7300-S (the 7300-S only has one exhaust port)

Well, considering a test I did previously I'm probably just going add one of the 2 stage motors (running out of it's own box) - hook it to a y adapter and hook up each exhaust hose (2" hose coming out of exhaust port of each 7300-S) to the Y adapter (single end goes into homemade vacuum box with 2 stage motor). I'm going to refrain from using both motors because I don't think the rotomolded AirHog case will handle it.

This should increase lift to about 250" between the hogs and I'm assuming a modest boost in cfm as well? Any thoughts on this? If I just use one motor I won't even tax the generator with everything running on it.

I'm sure some of you more DIY guys have a little more knowledge in this area and might be able to let me know of any gotcha's I'm forgetting.