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Dave Jordan

Frankie Rodriguez Jr. Just follow a coit truck around and drop off cards after their tech leaves. You'll be busier than you know what to do with after a few months of that. I used to work for them. They have those guys moving so fast... Its hard to do a good job and get everything done. They do have some good techs, but most are new within 3 months.

Matthew Strader

I'll say this, I've listened to "the pros" over the years tell me what to do, and I've suffered as the result. You can't use blanket statements, because no situation is the same. Here are some points I wish I had known sooner: 1. If you're so situated that you absolutely do not need or want the extra income, than do not take it for less than your pricing. There have been times when I was stressed out from to much work, and the phone kept ringing. In those cases I would't take the job. 2. If you have the time and need the income, take the job. Lots of things in life can be negotiable, given the right circumstance. I know you're considering it, because you wouldn't have brought it here to begin with if you weren't. All in all, only you can answer this question honestly.

Chris Howell

Thanks for sharing, Matthew. I'm not a carpet cleaner, so I really wasn't interested in this job, even though it's in a $2.5 million home of a diplomat. I'm not one who is impressed by wealth or status. Having said that, the job entailed a fair amount of color repair, so I was interested in that part. I priced it very high because I knew that no matter who else they [tried] to bring in to do the work that there would still be issues that nobody else would be able to address and repair. I stood my ground with the customer and refused to cheapen the value of our services. I won, but in the end the customer is the one who really wins, because they will receive excellent service with ALL of their issues addressed and resolved. To me that's what it's all about....ensuring that the customer wins. Because if they win, I win, too. If I had cheapened our service, no one would have won, because I cannot deliver the best quality service for the cheapest price. I would never expect a Mercedes to cost the same as a Taurus. Ain't gonna happen. I definitely agree with your statement, "If you need the income, take the job." Very good advice, my friend. And there have certainly been times over the years where work was slow and I took on jobs that were far less lucrative. Thanks again for sharing, Matthew.