FB How would you proceed with this sofa? Owner tried spit cleaning and did some damage which makes me

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Matt Tierney

How would you proceed with this sofa? Owner tried spit cleaning and did some damage which makes me not want to take the chance . Cleaning code is “water” but they got rings from what they did. I have Haitian shampoo but I don’t think it would tackle the level of soiling

Mike Ratliff

1st of all why would you use hasion cotton cleaner... 2nd of all if you have color loss you can not clean that out..

Mike Ratliff

You either walk away from it or you put a no guarantee on it have the customer initialed it the invoice relieving you of any responsibility take a picture of that cleaning code and steam clean the s*** out of it hopefully in the end it will look better but never promise.

Charlie Carpet

Use a good prespray and that foam will do a great job . I found that cotton or cotton bleds need a stronger mix of prespray .

Frank Boet

18% hydrogen peroxide on the stains, then clean with a natural fiber prespray and detergent

Craig LePain

What is the fiber content. Is it poly, cotton, a blend, that’s where u start. Then you will be able to determine what chemistry to use.

Glen Nye

You tell me! All I said was looks like someone possibly used ixy clean in there to cause discoloration

Dave Yoakum

#1 never, nerver believe a tag. #2 test the fabric your self to determine the content. #3 If its a natural fiber. Dont freaking use an Oxy product on it. ( It can cause bleaching.) If its cotton. Mist with cotton shampoo and then follow with a microfiber pad to clean. Easy peasy. No hand tool needed except to vac.

Bridget Kidcaff

simple if she wants it cleaning, she is to sign a disclaimer, shes done damage anyways and wants it cleaned?. id go in low water pressure and a good upolstery shampoo, lots of dry passes , air mover to dry fast or towel dry as you go to prevent wicking. it looks polyester/cotton blend but could be 100% cotton if bleached, hard to tell on pic, i used to do one regular, same colour

Lance Sias

I would try picking up one end, have a co worker on the other end lift as well, and carefully walk it out the door. I would than store it by the curb in hopes garbage men or neighbors pick it up.