Bryant Allen

How would you guys price the cleaning of booths (back only) if it were a major restaurant chain and you would have 8 stores? Looking someone that has done it before. I know everyone’s cost to operate is different. Thank you

Jesse Dixon

I start at $9 per back for a 2 seater with lower back. High back and 3 seaters i go as high as $14 per back.

Kevin Leach

I tried cleaning some filthy ones once and pure citrus and 220 degrees wouldn't touch them.

Mike Bonwell

you are right that everyone has different costs, but what matters is yours. I would hope that you did a demo clean to see how well they cleaned up and how long it took. this way there are no surprises...they know what they are going to get and you know your cost to clean one booth. Let's say it took you 6 minutes to clean it. Hopefully you are shooting to make 150 to 175 per hour. So...that would mean you would clean 10 per hour at $15 to $17.50 per booth. Hope this helps.

Ron Papke

Let's say they had twenty booths. That would take between 2-3 hours depending if you were agitating or not. I would charge 250.00.

Bryant Allen

Ok, 17 regular booths (2x4), 6 small booths (2x2), 2 double booths (2x8), 2 corner booths, 3 long benches (2x15)

And about 360 Sqft Of Carpet.

Booths on a quarterly plan and carpet monthly

7 restaurants, what say you. I don’t normally factor in multiple locations. What say you out in work land?

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