"How to start" eBook


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May 12, 2017
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David Holland
I have an idea for an eBook and hope to tap the collective knowledge of the forum members to contribute.

It's a 50-100 page ebook, with chapters on startup equipment, marketing, techniques and tips. How to get Joe off the street into his first year of successful carpet cleaning. It will be marketed heavily on Facebook and through it's own sales page.

Can we help each other? I'd like for group members to contribute knowledge, either in the form of email interviews or fully writing a chapter in exchange for being listed as a contributing expert and a portion of gross book sales.

For example; you're a carpet cleaning marketing genius. Yay! I can interview you via email and place your knowledge in this new ebook for the marketing chapter. You and your company will be listed for everyone to see in the book. We can also discuss a royalty you will receive from the sale of each eBook from gross sales. If you prefer to write a chapter yourself, the royalty rate would essentially double.

Another example; you sell supplies in the industry. You can have an entire chapter to discuss chemistry and equipment. You can name and explain your top sellers to a captive/ready-to-buy audience. Your name and business are prominently listed as the expert for this chapter. Website and phone in plain view. You can even include a book-exclusive promotion code to drive even more sales.

Free marketing for you and your business. You're teaching interested entrepreneurs about our industry. You're earning a royalty from gross sales of the book. I'll do the promotion, editing, website maintenance. This book will be marketed to eager entrepreneurs and the knowledge you share will be consumed and likely put into practice by thousands. Being in the book will be a great opportunity to position yourself as the expert we already know and appreciate.

Similar titles in other industries sell many thousands of copies. The goal for this launch will be 100,000 copies and contributors can earn double-digit royalties from the sale price. With your help and great content we can all benefit and create an evergreen resource for people wanting to start their own carpet cleaning business. Message me and let's discuss what chapter you wish to be a part of. Thanks!