How to Price Gutter Cleaning?


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Sep 8, 2019
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A couple thoughts. It may be "dumb" work but compared to leaving a window or carpet dirty it can have expensive consequences if not done. We've seen more than a few houses sustain flood damage when a gutter backed up and started pouring water into the house. Additionally, a window cleaner would me the most likely to carry appropriate insurance to do ladder work. On a man hour level we would be getting more than window work which makes sense in that most of the work is at the top of a two or three story ladder.
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It's definitely important, it's just easy....not too technical. Grabbing crap out of plastic and throwing it to the ground is a lot easier than cleaning carpet or windows which is why I price it less...I could raise my price I guess....I maybe do 1 or 2 a week so it's not that big for me. The ladder part is easy, I suck at a few things (like cord management) but ladders I dont mind. I posted a couple pics. I use the little giant with the wall stand-off.


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Mar 12, 2016
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I'm a window cleaner and I do gutters. When I work by myself doing Windows I make $50 an hour, I figure that gutter cleaning is kinda "dumb" work, meaning it's easy and doesn't have to be perfect like a window. I charge $40 an hour for it. I'm doing one this week for $150, it'll only take me two hours, it's just really high though. It's all an add on though, I don't market gutter cleaning, I just do it for window clients. They already trust you and know that you do good work, so when they say they like a quote on gutter cleaning they will most likely give you the business as long as your price is reasonable oh, that's just my experience.

Gutter cleaning, or any ladder work is extremely dangerous. Don’t do it for $40 an hour. It’s not worth it. It was my first job as a kid, my boss fell and shattered his heel. Changed his life.

I offer it here in New England in the fall. If you go up there, just make sure you do a nice job and charge them by the foot. I’m $2 a foot, more for tough ones. $100 an hour is easy, and still hardly worth it.