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Mar 10, 2021
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Kamil Tuma
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United States
Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to share with everyone that I have had major success by not taking the typical "salesman" approach and have had huge success. What I mean by this is that we stopped using the typical approach to upselling, etc. Instead, we sat down and decided to sell ourselves before our service/product - be better salesman - have better salesmanship.

Example: I am originally from the Czech Republic. I moved to America during college years and soon after graduating I started my carpet cleaning business. I really am living the American Dream.

That is a my true story. When I started opening myself up to people and explaining to them how this great Country has given me so much, that is when our business started taking off. People were compelled. Same thing with my other salesman. They all have their own story and when they open up, people do as well and typically they are much more willing to spend more money to maintain carpet/tile/furniture, etc. which obviously increases our revenue.

I encourage my salespeople to do the same thing. Open themselves up and be honest, be enthusiastic and compelling.

People are tired of the typical salesman stuff. They want honesty. They want real people to service their home.

Anyways, hope that works for you all if you decide to try that approach.