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How to grease blower gears on a white magic pro 1200


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Apr 19, 2015
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Cedric Waters
im hearing this grinding noise/ noise that sounds like a shirt or something is stuck in the hose. Anywho, my guess is that the blower needs to be greased. Does anyone know how to grease these machines.

An answer in this thread is fine. Or you can email me at

Answers ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

Joey J.

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Jun 18, 2008
Don't know what year your pro1200 is but mine is a 2000 and it has 2 grease fittings towards the top of the machine. It also takes oil on the other side of the blower so make sure that has not run low.

As far as greasing I just use a grease gun and pump slowly until some excess grease starts to come out of the weep hole on the blower itself.

You should be adding grease at least every couple of weeks.

Davey Cracker

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Nov 6, 2009
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If the blower is making a "grinding noise", it's probably too late, damage is done. But if it's still spinning you may as well grease it and hope for the best. The Zerk fittings are on the top front/shaft side of just about all blowers I think? Use a grease gun to inject it until you see excess coming out of the overflow fittings on the bottom.

Bradley G..

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Jul 31, 2015
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Bradley Gurecki
I also dump transmission fluid down the blower hose and let it sit over night to lube the vacuum and get rid of any rust from water that may get into the blower. I do that once a month, also clean the blower filter behind the driver seat because grease and grime wilol get in that small filter and it will make your blower weak and running tougher. It's amazing how much suction I get when I clean out all filters.