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Apr 20, 2020
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Kevin Fleming
Hi all, I'm new to the group and originally was viewing these threads to try and get insight on cleaning my residential rental property on a budget; however, after a review of opportunities it seems that I can piece together the beginnings of a business by duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, or???

A little background on myself. I am an American recently returned to the USA who has worked in the oilfield internationally for many years. Presently, after many successive downturns, I find myself exploring for exit strategies so that my job security will not be at the whim of Opec, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc..

My question is: Given what you know now what are the more lucrative offerings I can take up to enter into the market and what specific equipment would you acquire to do it? I am open to new or used equipment, pricing is best kept at maximum bang for the buck, and any other ideas you may have to enter into such a business in Louisiana. Thanks for your input.


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Nov 28, 2013
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Alan jones
I do carpet cleaning and duct cleaning. My advice, spend the money now, it is worth it in the long run. We dont use our carpet machines for duct cleaning. Get the separate equipment for the job to do. I use Hypervac trailers for duct cleaning. Ive used Caddy Vac and other gas powered portables, and non of them hold up to the Hypervac.

For Carpet Cleaning, get a decent truck mount. DOnt read too much into it. Direct Drive is the way to go if you have the cash.