How to get rid dog odor and stinky dander smells (video)

rob allen

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Sep 5, 2007
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Robert Allen,Jr.
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Why are dog odor and dander smells so hard to get rid of? They’re not. Most just don’t know how to remove it. No longer.
In this video you will learn how to differentiate dog dander odor vs urine odors. More importantly how to get rid of it. But surprisingly

many homeowners don’t even realize their home reeks of dog dander and stinky odors. Why? Because they become accustomed to

It over time. It is your job to kindly and professionally point out that it exists and more importantly how to get rid of them. After watching

this video you can say goodbye to stinky dog odors and dander smells making you the carpet cleaning hero!



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May 27, 2022
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Nikko S
I like a lot of what you say here Rob.
Citrus solvent additives are a must for these poly carpets or even nylons if they had a hairy/oily dog breed.
The CRB is absolutely worth using for agitation and additional hair removal (No matter how much you vacuum first it will always bring up more hair), I really don't bother with a carpet rake except for the post-cleaning carpet groom. Either it will clean up fine without any agitation or it needs a CRB.

The thing you didn't address in the video though is that dander odor is also caused by... dander. Not just hairs and oils but the animals dead skins cells, and those aren't just in the carpet, they float like all dust and end up on tops of cupboards, light fixtures, anywhere dusty. So we certainly offer to treat dander odor within the carpet but are always clear with the client that we in no way guarantee complete odor removal as it is likely not just in the carpet.