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How much Product do you keep on the shelves ?

Jim Davisson

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Aug 23, 2016
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The ones I have hold up well to everything, solvents eventually get to them if you don't hold them upside down and empty the sprayer/diptube on the last stain of the job.


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Mar 6, 2010
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marcus barker
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I prefer to buy enough to last me awhile so for my prespray i order 40lb of Bio break and Flex with citrus combined with box of Flex ice for rinse.Being powders last along time,keep lids on tight.Most of my spotters are liquid usually replace them yearly with the exception of peroxide which i keep in a chiilybin and replace more regular


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Mar 30, 2010
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I am a chemical hog, I buy way too much, because I just have to try everything to see, if I like it or no,t or even if it works..
So since probably Nov, I have not bought anything because me and my guys are trying to burn thru all of the cases of stuff I had bought thru the last 30 years...

So what have I learned about the chems we all use....? well I am nearly out of all my tm forums chems,, when I run out of GM I will buy another 40lb bucket right away. I feel very strongly about that stuff,, it just works... I love rsf , but ive been leaning to the spiked more and more.. Im all out of that stuff but..
This week I am burning thru all the Interlink chems and Chemspec stuff I have.. We are down to about 35 cases of chems to burn thru then my shelves will be empty and Ill be making some big purchases to stock back up.... I was a little worried I had held on to a lot of it for too long but so far no bad chems.

How much product do you keep on hand?
Your down to 35 cases of chemicals lol, thats fricken 140 containers