How much furniture do you move?

How much furn do you move?

  • Everything (including heavy items above)

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Sep 17, 2009
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Arm Ben
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Suppose you're doing a deep clean or moving out cleaning.
If you are doing a "deep Cleaning" or move out, remember you are CLEANING not moving.

deep cleaning in this field/industry should only refer to the soil condition and level of labor/time involved in removing the soil or contamination.

Moving items around should be done as a courtesy not obligation or part of the service unless you agree to slave yourself with moving everything out of the way or agree to do it free of obligation.

If the person is related to you or your lover/spouse or family, yeah I would never charge. But as for business, NOPE

an example is this

you take you van to your distributor, they do a light service a minor service, oil and filter change,
that's it right? you don't or can expect to get your van washed included in that service would you?

or how about this, you have a van full of junk, tools, crap what ever blocking the areas of service,
would you completely understand if the service tech says, hey could you move the stuff out of the way or ill have to charge extra just so that i can do the service?

every one needs to stop with the deep cleaning lie.

every one should always "deep clean"
what is classified as "deep cleaned"?
for the majority of the lazy, unprofessional scumbag it mostly means
pre vacuum, use the correct chemistry, use the correct mixed chemistry, agitate, and rinse multiple times,
and if they feel pretty use a rotovac or other extractor cleaning tool accessory.

thats it!

a professional certified, or well trained or just self conscious person would do the correct thing

do the job correctly!
Feb 3, 2021
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John Hilbrands
I tell people we move light furniture over the phone and
things against the wall and bedroom furniture are generally left in place. I add we do a walkthrough before we start so if there is something they want moved just tell me. When I get there the homes are almost always premoved. I walk through saying do you have any stains you want to point out and as we walk through I say what I intend to move. Like I see a stain by this bedside table so I will be moving it...
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Apr 26, 2021
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I usually inform people over the phone that we only move light furniture and that bedroom furniture and things against the wall usually stay in place.
However, I always do a walkthrough before starting to ensure that we are on the same page. During the walkthrough, I point out any stains and inform the homeowner about what I intend to move. If you're someone who is attached to your furniture, I would suggest taking a look at what you have before moving. I made a list of all the furniture I would need in my new place and sold the rest. Although it was hard to say goodbye to some of my favorite pieces, it made the move much smoother. Recently, I discovered one long distance moving company that made my last move to another city so much easier. They took care of everything, from packing to lifting and transporting all my stuff.


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May 8, 2023
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bad day
They understand, however most of them they don't like the big furniture to be moved around neither do I. Once in a full moon if I get a call asking the furniture(moving beds on one side of the room, then move them back when underneath is cleaned) will be moved then I tell them double the price and they would say I will check with my spouse and call back.


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Aug 4, 2021
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Robert Boldun
It can be quite a hassle, right? Sometimes, it's just easier to leave it in place. However, if you do need some assistance with moving furniture, whether it's for cleaning or rearranging purposes, it's always good to have some reliable help.

You might want to check out for professional moving services. They can handle all sorts of furniture moving tasks, big or small. Plus, their website is packed with useful tips and resources for making your move a breeze. So, next time you get that call, you'll be prepared with the right support.