How much furniture do you move?

How much furn do you move?

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Sep 17, 2009
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There's absolutely no benefit to moving furniture, it puts you at risk, more time on project and ultimately is a waste of time if the furniture is going right back. NOONE WILL SEE CLEAN CARPET UNDER THE FURNITURE. This isn't rocket science. Your house, your furniture, you move it before I get there. Understand it can't be in my way while cleaning and NO you can't move it back till the carpet dries. Have a ever lost a client over this policy. NOPE. Why make your life more difficult.
I agree (partial).

I will however move a waste basket, office chair or Ottoman (pending size) but I hardly ever move furniture unless its family or elderly. I hate taking liability. I dont think my insurance would cover it since I am not a Mover.


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Oct 21, 2018
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I’d rather buy the TMF swivel wand for sure.
I think we all get stuck moving something. If you barely move living room items clean put them back then go for open areas it’s not that bad. But If I can’t fit it in schedule oh well I have 4-5 jobs. I think I’d tell them we move some furniture for tile cleaning or upholstery cleaning then you can take the wand clean behind a couch some tables and get more work out of it.


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Jul 13, 2021
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Hello everyone! I used to work in a furniture store, at that time we really tried to please customers and find what they needed. We had a large store and the selection was the same. After some time, I quit because the management changed there, and they began to sell low-quality furniture at inflated prices. I didn't buy there anymore, but recently I needed to buy a sofa to my home. I searched on the Internet and came across an interesting site, they have there not only furniture, but also generators, grills, and everything for the garden. Lots of articles and tutorials on how to properly cook or care for the garden. Also, they made a discount to me as to the first purchase.


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Aug 26, 2021
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Im by the sq ft. Ill move anything sofa size or smaller at request, but if they don't want it moved that's cost savings i cut out that area from the bill. I strictly refuse to move any electronics, dressers with mirrors, or beds, excetera. I also offer a %discount for fully empty areas to further incentivize themselves doing the moving if they want it. However I'm in S Florida and 99% of my clientele are elderly.