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How much carpet cleaning experience do you recommend before starting a business?


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Aug 24, 2019
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About 2-3 years ago I saw a video of one of our local cleaners in a local buy and sell group on Facebook cleaning a sectional sofa with a stair tool and couldn't stop laughing for about 30 minutes as I watched it over and over. All I knew about the guy was that he had signs posted all around town advertising 3 rooms for $59 and I saw a few posts from him in the group advertising and being cash only. About 3 seconds into the video it was obvious he had no idea on the proper way to clean and was hitting that sectional with the stair wand cleaning with at least 800 psi and standing on ceramic tile. He was spraying water everywhere in every direction and kept slipping and sliding, he couldn't keep his balance on the wet tile as he was jamming the stair tool into the sectional and came close to busting his a$$ a few times. In the 2-3 minute video he proceeded to clean about half the sectional and it did look like he was cleaning the crap out of it as water was going everywhere and it was soaking wet.

Now I laughed like crazy and thought I broke a rib because I knew that sectional was going to take days to dry, probably wick back all over and he probably ripped it somewhere the way he was slamming the stair tool into it. Once I wiped the tears of laughter away I noticed he had close to 20 likes and people was asking him how much he charges.

Customers do not know the difference between a professional and someone that does a crappy job and lump us all together. Anyone that saw that video and never hired a real professional would think a sectional would take less than 20 minutes and would be charged $50.

My point is everyone needs to get some real experience and not bring down our industry before starting a carpet cleaning "business".
I won't lie, I'll break out the stair tool if my upholstery tool is out of commission but ofcourse I turn the psi way down. I'll only do that on certain materials and I just lightly mist it lmao.

I cleaned my futon with it too and it came out great