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How many psi should be used?


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Sep 17, 2009
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I can't believe my eyes, how could you mutilate Mytee Lint Hog this bad on both sides. If you don't like swivel cuffs ( who likes them anyways) why not to use non-swivel one. You don't need to put together 3 piece contraption in order to connect 2" vacuum hose to an inline filter. This is simply unacceptable and Mytee should be offended, hahaha.
You might have a hard to put hose on and taking it off, since you'll experience resistance from hose, but seal will be perfect. Try Relia-built Boss humongous filter instead or just build bucket filter with plenty of air flow. I can't unsee those pics... Now I have to listen to Oxygen or Equinox for half an hour to put myself back to sleep mode..

I agree, why??!!!?!?! WHY!


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Mar 3, 2019
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If you are using 9503 jets with a air hog... that’s way too much flow than that can handle. If you are using an evolution wand or a bonzer - your air hog MAY be able to handle 6-7 flow... when I was using my breeze lx (or air hog) I stuck with 3 flow, 2 95015 jets... in your case, keep up with a good cleaning solution, your crb and just go slow and steady followed by dry strokes. You should be dry to the touch more or less as you are packing up to leave, with that flow set up. Mind you, when you clean olefin carpet, keep your pressure lower and make shorter strokes as the water literally rushes to the backing of the carpet, as olefin is hydrophobic.

If you haven’t already, DEFINITELY decrease the jets to around 95015 MAXIMUM. You are putting out twice as much water as you should with the LX motors. Once you switch your jets out, you’ll be able to achieve longer hose runs - up to 200 ft, as long as you keep in mind the aforementioned variables such as carpet type, dry strokes, pressure etc.
This is a new response to an old post.

While I haven't gone back to understand the context at this moment I can say that 1 year later the results are good and I haven't had problems with dry times. Admittedly that I know of.

I can safely (dare I say) assume due to positive reviews and customers willingness to repeat that I am not having issues in the magnitude you describe.

However, I do acknowledge there may be room for improvement.