how do you filter your water?


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Sep 1, 2009
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prochem units had a filter behind the front panel which filtered water just before leaving the TM. My Hydramaster Titan 575 does not have a way to filter water anywhere on the unit. I do have a filter on the water transfer pump on the Water Pond which is always clean.

Reason I ask is because I clean out the filters on all my tools monthly. The last couple times it had an unusual amount of stuff on the filter of the wand. Even a week after cleaning the filter on the monthly maintenance I had to replace the male coupler and checked the filter and it had more stuff in it.

below is a picture of what is on the Prochem machines.

So what type of filter would you recommend and where would you put it?

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Oct 3, 2018
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I used to run a TM that occasionally would decide to dump scale into the water. I always had my wand filter but also put together a couple little filters to put on where I connected my steam line. just (female qd)(filter)(male qd) and they worked pretty well. If one got clogged I could swap it in a couple seconds and clean them all when I got back to the office for the night,
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