How do I get Mike Ochoa of Boss Optima to pay me what he owes me?


Oct 1, 2014
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Eric M
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You guys are right, gotta move on!! Will do! First a little humor though.

What's the difference between a dead dog and lawyer lying in the road?
A. The dog has skid marks leading up to it!!

What's the difference between dead lawyer in road and dead a-hole carpet cleaning sub-contracting scam/ rip-off artist lying in road?

A. Well the carpet scumbum doesn't have any skidmarks leading up to him either; however, there was evidence that someone might have then backed up and went forth repeatedly over the body, transmission problems, no doubt lol. Also, they found carpet cleaning van magnets by the body that came off on the impact!! uh-oh no I'm really in trouble! SNAFU, babe! Word, I's used ta' it!! Bringses it on!!

Ed Cruz

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Aug 1, 2013
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Ed Cruz
Hello I performed a job for Mike Ochoa and his company, Boss Optima on Feb. 7, 2019, over one year ago.

I still have not been paid for the job, though I have tried to collect from them many times.

The customer was:
Luciel Mastrogiannis
7 Wades Landing
New Milford, Connecticut 06776.

The payout was supposed to be $175 for LR, 2BR, hallway, enzyme pet odor treatment.

I spoke to Mike Ochoa by phone on March 16, 2020. At that time he said he would send out a check to me for only $149, not $175, due to some unspecified "partial refund to the customer."

I still have not received any payment at all.

We did a fine job and I laid out money money for wages for a worker on the clock, gas, chemicals, not to mention depreciation on the vehicle for a 40 mile round trip and a good 1.5 hours machine time.

I would like to get paid
I know where his office is....for $500 I'll drive by and give him a mean look for you
Yeah another 50 and you’ll flip him the bird too.

Johnny Bravo

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Apr 25, 2011
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Write reviews on this company on Google, Yelp and anywhere else you can find them. I did this once and ended up getting paid as well as warning others about their BS tactics.