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How do I clean the main Trunk line? Hose not rigid enough


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Apr 18, 2017
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I have come back home to run my step-fathers carpet, tile, air duct, and upholstery cleaning company. He is unfortunately in hospice care, and unable to communicate with me. I have plenty of experience in carpet, tile, and upholstery, but have probably only done 15 or so duct cleaning jobs. We have a butler carpet cleaning van with the Air-Care Truckmaster system. My problem is when I am cleaning trunk lines that are 25+ ft long, the trunk line is so wide, and the hoses aren't rigid enough, and after about 15 ft, it wont go any further, as it starts to turn back the way that it came. I need something to keep it straight. Does air-care or anyone else sell some sort of poles that I can attach the hoses to so that it can travel pretty far down a straight trunk line? I hope I am explaining this well. I am having to figure all of this out all of a sudden, as my stepdad got sick so quickly and I didn't have much time to pick his brain before he unfortunately became unresponsive. Thanks for any help.


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Feb 13, 2011
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You really need to get a negative air machine, and compressor, with a rod and whip system.

Unfortunately you are simply running into the limitations of that equipment.

You can get a good portable negative air machine from Nikro for $4K. Its a new one they just released that moves 5K CFM of air movement with all filters in place. For comparison your Truck Mount is getting at best 600 CFM of air movement

With the whips and rods to scrub the duct work you can attach as many ridged rods as you need. In addition you can drill 1 inch holes on the mainlines if you need to get better access.

Or for the same price they also sell a gas unit that will get you 6K CFM.

I will tell you this. Once you get your Duct Cleaning dialed in.....

You are going to do less and less carpet cleaning

We get 2-3X the money per hour for duct cleaning as there is not as much competition and what competition there is do a poor job and their reviews show as much.......

I run 3 vans 6 days a week and we clean 90% Air Ducts and Dryer Vents.

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Oct 3, 2018
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I keep telling my company to buy me duct cleaning equipment for building maintenance. The quote for one building was 10k and we have 7-8 buildings. Crazy what you can make doing it.