How do I attract, interview and hire the right people for the job?


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May 7, 2011
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So I hired my first employee. Aside from him working way slower and over wetting the carpet sometimes because he wanted "to do a good job", over all for the 2 weeks he's been working for me he has had some great customer reviews, but I had to take off about 5 jobs a week from him because he wasn't keeping up with the schedule, and then over the weekend he went home sick after only 2 jobs and said he has a stomach ulcer. So I gave him the following two days off and told him to call me in the morning real early if he can't come in on day 3. He didn't call and after sending him several messages and leaving a voice mail, I never got a call back and still haven't heard from him. This is day 2 of no call no show.

I was afraid that will happen with hiring employees, and it did. Now I'm thinking of what to do next, do I go back to owner operator or try again with another person. I was just about to buy a second van when this all went down. If I do hire again, does anyone know what's the best place to look ? I tried facebook jobs groups, of course CL produced idiots. yeah, idk
Finding good employees can be difficult. I have had success by asking people that are good that I know in other professions if they know anyone looking for a job that would be good.

Here is a list of places that I fish from:
Professional Organizations
My BNI group
Chamber of Commerce groups
Your customers
Anywhere you are transacting business and you get exceptional customer service from an employee. Yep, I know, you hate to steal someones star employee but sometimes you have to.