How and how much do you pay yourself

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Apr 24, 2013
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I pay myself an hourly wage for every hour ive worked on jobs. Me and my lady both have timesheets and I pay myself $20.00 an hour and her $10.50 an hour.

I take care of the phone calls, customer service, product ordering, equipment upkeep and repair, marketing, taxes, deposits, business goals, account management, customer retention, etc.

She takes care of the books and helps on the jobs. Sometimes she is there with me when I bid and gives input because my time goals and time it takes for tasks are sometimes unrealistic. That and its nice to have a second set of eyes and guts. But sometimes she thinks one thing is impossible and I get to prove her wrong.

And I also run scheduling by her because shes in charge of the home schedule and she cooks all the food. lol

Plus folks like the husband and wife team thing.

Right now we do all the paperwork but the more accounts we get and the more complicated life is getting I see now that there is value in paying somebody else to do accounting and free up time to spend with family and take care of yourself.

Always working 17 hours a day is not a sustainable way to do long term business, but sometimes ya gotta do it to make ends meet. Ya know?

But here we are having our min wage go from $9.45 to eventually $13/15 an hour. So our prices will go up, and so will our pay .

If you haven't read this book yet I highly recommend it:

Stuff like bookkeeping is a waste of time when there's someone else that can probably do it more efficiently. The book hits on this kind of stuff, we aren't good at everything. Perhaps your a good cleaner but a sucky marketer. So sub out the marketing and focus on your core talents.


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Mar 18, 2011
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I pay myself a salary plus dividends. But I have a good business history to work off of so it is easier to figure out. The new guy or someone with a short history in the biz would be better off pulling a percentage just over what they need to stay afloat. Then after a couple of years they can make adjustments.
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Feb 11, 2020
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Depending on your book keeping skills it may be worth using a payroll service. I'm in the process of setting up with Square payroll right now and will begin using the service may 1. It only costs $20 a month plus $5 per employee and they do all the tax withholding and filing for you.

I pay myself on commission. What your pay should be depends a lot on your costs of doing business and how much you are bringing in so the amount is different for everyone. I have found using the commission option to be best for me so my pay depends on how busy I am.
What % do you pay yourself, what% do you put back into the company and what % goes to keeping it running?

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