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Homemade Waterclaw

Las Cruces Janitorial

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Jun 10, 2014
Las cruces Janitorial
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Randy, At the bottom of my signature you'll see this; "Home made water claw how to list with pics." Click on it and it'll take you to that thread.
This might be a stupid question but where do you find your signature so I can get the list for the water claw
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Dec 3, 2012
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I heard about this from Johnny bravo also. But Homers didn't have some of the parts. But i found this rubber piece that fit storm drain perfectly. It's fernco 2" plastic socket to 2" pipe. It's a tight fit to the drain and under vacuum it only gets tighter. Hope this helps someone in their search.



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Aug 14, 2014
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Ed Gosch
Thanks for the homemade Water Claw posting. From a recent flash flood, I ended up with about an inch of water on my basement rug which due to a heavy free standing wood burning fireplace setting on one edge of it, I really couldn't remove the rug & foam pad for drying. After searching the internet for ideas I ran across your article. I couldn't find any of the parts at Home Depot, but I was able to find what I needed at Lowe's to make something similar. I didn't have any type of powerful vacuum source so I bought the highest horsepower wet-dry Shop Vac (6.5 hp peak) that I could find. I was amazed at how well this little device worked. It took awhile since the suction end is smaller than the one on yours, but I figured it would be ok since I was only using a shop vac with it anyways. Due to the lesser suction I also didn't drill a vacuum relief hole in the end cap. I went from standing water that just reached the top of the carpet and totally soggy foam pad to just a damp-to-the-touch foam pad that a few 2x4's slid between the carpet and pad and a 70 pint dehumidifier running for 2 days left both carpet and pad feeling bone dry. Your article was a life saver. Thanks' Johnny! I feel better just knowing that I now have this in case another flash flood should hit. Here are a few pictures of my adaptation of your Water Claw.