FB Home Advisor just called me: HA: Hey is this...


Matthew Dockter

Home Advisor just called me:

HA: Hey is this [business name]?

Me: Yes it is!

HA: Cool, I've got some customers looking to book carpet cleaning, do you have some availability?

Me: I sure do, send them over!

HA: OK, well have you passed a background check, clean record, etc...

Me: Yup, send them over!

HA: How far are you traveling?

Me: Well we're...[explanation]

HA: Wow, that sounds great.

Me: Yup, so do you actually have customers for me or are you just going to lead me down a path to signing up for your service? I know how this works. If you have customers send them my way, if you're just gonna ask me to sign up for HA, I'm not interested right now. I'll call you later on if I am.

HA: *pause* oh...uh...ok. Well, I guess I'll just find someone else to help then.

Me: Yup, thank you very much. *click.*

Dude said find "someone else to help" :D He meant to say, "find someone else to trick into signing up".... HAHA

So yeah, not the most ethical way to go about selling your service....

Anyone here us Home Advisor? What have the results been? Just a bunch of low ballers or good clients?

Timothy Fuller

I seriously would like to sue home advisor for this kind of stuff it's unethical and I actually am a home advisor client right now my year is not up and I'm getting emails from them saying "we have customers in your area that would like to send your way " so I send them an email back "sure send them on over" and then they reply " we didn't realize you were already a member" I said OK well send me the customers and they said they don't have them