FB Hmmm HouseCall Pro Roland Ligtenberg, lets...


David Glaze

Hmmm HouseCall Pro Roland Ligtenberg, lets discuss this new Yelp online booking feature. 10%. Booking fee. Personally I'm a little annoyed at HCP for intervening and talking 10%, my Yelp customers are perfectly capable of calling, texting or Yelp messaging me on their own. This feature takes away a very important feature, the voice. Other issues that will arise, the price list. Every job is unique, and having a "standard" click on price list will be problematic. I like the phone call for new customers, for existing ones that know the drill, it will be fine. I can't really see a customer blindly booking something anyway. Thoughts?

Sam Jaramillo

House call pro is slowly taking more from their customers..they use your data base to solicit other services, they get a cut, now yelp they get a cut..is your data safe? Yelp is shady to begin with, they hide reviews, try to lure into a contract..if service monster did anything like that, I would find another crm somewhere but that's one of the reasons I use service monster, I trust them and they don't share my data with anybody & oh ya Joe is easy to get in touch with if needed. But his staff is great so really no need to bother Joe...

Shiloh Glaze

10% is a chunk as you run your pricing platform and now have to increase your prices because it's and additional expense to the cost we already have in place, having to increase pricing for this is another irritation. I'm more curious to see how it effects our position on Yelp compared to those that sign up for the service. Yelp is shady AF and will quickly line other people subscribing to these services above those that aren't.