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Jul 9, 2017
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How do I get the training I need to be a successful business owner?

I have several clients which are branches of large corporations and I've been offered to service some of their other properties, to include locations outside my state BUT I have no idea how to manage more than I am now and I don't know where to begin either. The cleaning business we manage is family owned and operated and as far as the manual labor of the business we join together and it works out great, everyone knows what to do and we never have to worry about someone not showing up for work.On occasion I've pulled in a few close friends to help out such as when I have a huge deep clean to complete in a short time frame and its a win win for them because they earn a little extra cash :)

Anyhow, I've been thinking a lot about the future and I realize there is going to come a time when I won't be as good as I once was. AND, I don't have any retirement setup, no health insurance and little savings in the bank BUT I make more money than I've ever made in my life! Heck, I make more money and work less hours than most people I know or come in contact with. Its crazy but so true. And, I know its time to piss or get off the pot and yet I feel like the girl in the bubble, wanting to bust out but worried about the outside world.

I feel strongly I need some sort of training in business management so does that mean I have to go back to college? I sure hope not. Is there another way to get some basic training? I know I'm going to have to hire people outside of family members but this in itself concerns me. Also, I believe there is no one else that will give a shit about this business as much as we do and I want to stay actively involved. My daughter says to hire additional people and let this business grow. How do I get past all of this so I can begin to move forward?

Also, please note I'm not a newbie to the cleaning industry, in fact I've been in this line of work since I was 11 years old cleaning town homes, apartments, office spaces, and alike with my mother in Dallas & Ft Worth. My business has been in full operation since 2014. I know how to clean, I do not know how to manage people well nor do I have a desire to do so BUT I know in order to grow this business I must move past this line of thinking.

A few questions for those that have employee's outside of family members

What do you do to prevent a high turn over rate?
Do you have any recommendations for training for myself outside of going back to college?
For employee's - what training resources do you use?
What are you doing to secure your retirement?

I realize if I hire I will have to provided insurance & need workers comp. Any recommendations?
I've been doing some research today on this particular topic but always nice to get input from others.


Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
West Jordan, UT
I don't think college course are specific enough to help a lot with janitorial or carpet cleaning companies. Some basic courses in accounting and business will give a good foundation, but you will need more.

Strategies for Success with Steve Toburen is a good place to start. It is a week long class in business management and marketing for carpet cleaning and other cleaning services.

Here are some companies you should talk to about company growth.
Brian at Service Team of Professionals (STOP) in Arizona
Chuck Violand at Violand Management Services

For more technical oriented help, Mason Tomaino has recently opened a consulting business after many years of helping cleaners while working for other companies.

Doug Heiferman consults with companies who want to grow restoration or carpet cleaning segments of their business.

I will also be working as a technical consultant beginning the end of September.