Hi guys! Bear with me! This is my first post.

Old fat and slow

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Jun 16, 2020
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Mike Peterson
Everyone sugar coats their data. I am not saying they are bad, but for the money you'll end up spending you could easily start your own business.

Most people cant remember who cleaned their carpets. I get calls all the time about, " The guy I used last year was good but I cant remember his name "

Marketing is the key, and most franchises will charge you an arm and a leg to be part of their group.

Especially nowadays many customers have Franchise Fatigue and prefer owner operated companies.
Very true . If you don't keep in touch they forget your name.


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Oct 26, 2015
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Sean Pagano
Kev, you can start a cleaning company with what you have. It's not easy but commercial cleaning can grow quickly and give you the marketing, logistical, and business know how you need for the more expensive advanced areas (i.e. restoration services). I started with carpet cleaning (realized it was going to take awhile to build that to be sustainable). So, I started the commercial cleaning section. I built the commercial to be a branch of my business (I have 5 employees for it). This generates the revenue for operating cost and additional profit to buy more equipment. Second branch you should go into is floor care (carpet cleaning, tile and grout, wood floor restoration). Third branch is resoration services. This was my plan and how I grew my business. You learn things everyday, you just try not to lose money doing it. I have grown every single year in accounts and profit. I started with far less then 15k.....