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Timothy Fuller

Hey guys. I need a heat exchanger. I have an older machine we use mostly for water damage losses, but also as a backup cleaning machine. It's an avenger 210. Obviously discontinued. This winter it wasn't completely winterized as it should have been. I have a leak in the heat exchanger. It's the type where the small (1-1/4"?) flex stainless steel engine exhaust goes in and comes out and the high pressure 1/4" line coils through it. It's about 7-8" round, 16-18" long. Unfortunately it sits under the machine. I'm thinking if someone has one that may work, I'll relocate the engine exhaust into the new exchanger and mount it in a better place if needed. It's probably going to be easier to modify something and abandon the original one under the machine where it's at. Anyone have any spare? Or other ideas?