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FB Here is a special note from the carpet mills...


Dennis Azenon

Even air movers how the hell is that going to damage the fibers

Scott Fiveland

They don't stand by there Warranty any way Always looking to blame others

Marc Jacobowitz

Did warranty work for almost 20 years starting with 3M furniture warranties to 3M carpet warranties to Floors For Life Warranties. Made plenty of money just clean a carpet under their guidelines and that's simple. Just follow instructions I'm sure most of you.can do that. I have all the tools for any cleaning situation I need to use. Why do you think companies that make and sell cleaning detergents have instructions on their products and some even state if not used properly can cause bleeding, loss of color, not for wool , Ph etc. I'm sure if some of you guys spend thousands on carpet you would want a warrany

Matthew Hooks

Just another disclaimer to add to the back of our invoices. Manufacturers, like carpet cleaners, don't want the liability

John Confer

This is why chem-dry changed their process and went to extractors. Warranties are designed to protect the manufacturers but clearly state that hot water extraction using professional equipment is the only method approved of.

Tim Warner

Yes I know of this and have spoken to a carpet CEO on this. Not one of these guys has ever held a wand or much more than a vac. The truth is the very best cleaning equipment that produce the finest results are rotary scrubbers and extractors. So YEAH I hear them but I just don't tell them how I get my brilliant results.
They think we're all numpties who don't know how to operate machinery

Paul Lucas

It is the technician not the tool. It is the lawyers who write these warranties. When I was teaching the certified carpet inspector seminars, I tried to damage carpet samples for examples to show the students. It is difficult to damage a good quality carpet with a rotary floor machine. We had to run it without lubrication for an extended period of time to cause visible damage.

Andy Bayler

Robert Allen, can you cite the source of this image? If it's somewhere in the above comments, I apologize. Thanks in advance!

Mark Johnson

I recently HWE'd a carpet that had been bonnet cleaned "for years" according to the client, and he had been very happy. I noticed that the carpet was definitely separating from the backing (very jiggly). No worries though, as carpet vendors will always pass the buck on warranty issues.

Tim Warner

To the 1000s of happy customers who I have had in my past and present businesses who have sung the praises of rotary scrubbers and extraction: sorry for voiding your almost useless warranty.
Sep 4, 2010
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Did they take it down? Can't see it when I click on the link.

Paul Lucas

I remember an article in the leading carpet cleaning magazine of the day, back about 1978-9 called Voice Magazine. Dr. Steven Spivak wrote a series of articles called " exposing cleaning/ carpet myths" or something like that. He wrote one on rotary floor machines/ shampooing damaging carpets and rugs. Steven said that they never seen it happen. This is significant in that Steve Spivak overseen the testing lab at ASCR and a university near Washington DC. He said never. He called it a myth.

Ken Jordan

But we were still dealing with 1 st generation nylon goods back then, and more wool and wool can handle the aggressive nature of a 175. But we are now on 5 th generation goods with BCF goods and staple yarns with carbon filaments, more ph sensitive and anionic dye blockers, PTT And other poly styles and olefin which is the least resilient of all ;when I was a practicing inspector in the 90's I sent samples to the lab for microscopic analysis that proved that bonnet cleaning on some goods with trilobial fibers were damaged by rotaries Bonnet style cleaning. I would error on the side of caution. My 70 GTO engine is built with totally different technology than what's out today. I would not want to quote a 40 year old article as a defense if trying to make a case today. Bottom line regardless of what ones opinion is follow the warranty if it is in tack and if you feel the need to deviate get something in writing or recorded.