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Helping your rental owner and yourself


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Oct 24, 2013
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Stephen Beckwith
I get asked what will it cost to clean......... because its been trashed by the tenant.
What I have found is that many times we establish a budget and I clean upto that value. Are the carpets completely cleaned? Well, sometimes yes, most often they are acceptably clean, for a rental.
I got to thinking from the owner/managers view point and changed my pricing policy.
I figured out what the likely replacement cost of the carpet is per room, or just ask them what they have had as a quote (they usually have this already) and then take up to 30-35% of that as the budget for cleaning. If I feel I can do a great job for this, or less, then I use this as my price point. I have not yet had an owner or manager turn down this method of pricing. The latest one was yesterday, a realtor and rental property owner. It was 3 small bedrooms. I told him I felt it would be about 25% of replacement cost which would be a $1000. He agreed and let me go ahead.
I post this in an effort to help folks that wonder about what price to charge and that sometimes its just not economic (to the owner/manager) to get a place cleaned, in which case just call it like it is.
I have found that break point is usually around 40% of replacement.