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Apr 6, 2017
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Been thinking about getting in to VCT removal and install, but looking for some advice. I know the basic procedure (scrap off tile with machine, remove mastic, clean and prep the floor), but curious about if you need to actually "finish" the concrete in anyway or just make sure glue is gone and the floor is clean. It would seem that it needs to be completely smooth as even a pebble bump under the new tile would look like a mountain once tile is put down. Also curious about the glue set up and pricing. I know you put glue down and wait a day or so for it to get tacky, but curious about how/where to start. I've seen people say start at the exact center of the room, but then you would be walking all over the glue in order to get to the center of the room and dragging dirt and dust over glue.
I've also seen the price for removal and disposal of non-asbestos at about $1.50-$2.50 sq ft...what to charge for asbestos vct? Minimum charge for removal on both? How about what to charge for installing? Minimum charge for install? Does the price include glue, tile, labor etc? I try to do sq. ft. as it is just easier to estimate and easier for the customer to understand. I usually do packages for strip and wax with everything included unless they want/need more coats of wax. I would also be doing a service contract for maintenance so I'd do a discount.

I know that's a lot of info to try and get, and I'm not starting right away, just looking to get my ducks in a row and have a jump off point. Would do a lot of practice and even for free for a couple folks I know personally. I truly appreciate any help I can get or if anyone knows of an online directory to get info. Youtube videos can only cover so much. Thank you!