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Help with cleaning quote

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Dec 3, 2012
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bro remember you charge by the hour......try 100$ an hour??????....customer doesnt pay for drive....

You could clean that couch in 1 1/2 hour MAX....... set up tear down talking to the customer slowly cleaning the couch......

also put yourself in the place of the custy...if that is a 1000$ couch new it is only worth half now?????
250$ to clean a 500$ couch is hardly worth it......

If I am out on a job .....and I am ready to clean I work with the customer on the price....
Maam I will knock off 50-100$ if you dont want back and sides.....

I just cleaned a theater dropped my price 350$ to mach competiter...started the job the same night
finished it in 17 hours....almost 100$ an hour.....Ill do it in 15 next time.........

orhterwise you just wasted a trip driving out to the job????? IMO
Couch worth 1000 new
Now worth 500 depreciated.
Still same price to clean. Hell should be more. Worn old time spots harder to work with then on a new sofa right? Fresh new fabric. Fresh factory applied protectant. Why knock price down on the old.
Think more this way. What would it cost customer today for same sofa that cost 1000 then. Be almost double right? Depending on how many years its been. Go by replacement cost. Let them decide if they want to squeeze another year out of it and have it cleaned one more time.