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Mar 27, 2021
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I recently purchased a new truck mount (Sapphire 370SS) and van that will be here in about a month. I need help with how people price their jobs. I am specifically looking at how people price carpet cleaning, tile/grout cleaning, and upholstry cleaning.

If any one has advice they are willing to share, please let me know.

Thank you!

John B.B.

Feb 25, 2013
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J. Bulsterbaum
People say "too many variables" but...

It's true and false: I nearly always charged 3-5x what anybody else did (including going back to jobs the co. had visited prior), and never had a problem or hiccup doing so.

The reasons for this weren't because I was trained in salesmanship, tricks, psychology, etc.

I did a lot of number-crunching (though on-site, using heuristics to ease the burden) and considerations of factors, and other things that (in some sense, by accident) led to people having total confidence in my work and that my quotes were fair--people would ask why I was higher than prior techs and I explained straight-up why (and whey they failed to properly quote),

and they would always ask that I be the one sent back for the next round of cleaning.

I think rather it's "too many things to communicate in a forum" or in writing, not to mention people don't seem to know how: in person out here (Denver area), I and/or fambiz have taught others how to bill correctly for services (and quality) provided and have zero problems doing so with two caveats:

(1) person listening has to actually listen rather than take a 'tude;
(2) fambiz wasn't getting clients seeking the lowest possible prices (false promises and scams!) off of Craigslist. We did word of mouth, did every job *PERFECTLY*, etc.