Help PLEASE: Upholstery Cleaning Pre- Inspection Forms?!


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Dec 17, 2018
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Sandy Henriquez
Hello TMF!

Does anyone have a pre-inspection form that you could kindly share for Upholstery cleaning? We've thankfully found a good one for Carpet Cleaning and Rugs, but for some reason have not came across any for Upholstery.

We mainly clean couches and some are in a bad shape already, so would really like a form to be able to professionally and properly document these issues, prior to starting service.

Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to share!

Johnny Bravo

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Apr 25, 2011
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Or you could just be a big dummy like me and go for it. I have a Micky Mouse disclaimer for carpet cleaning but almost never have them sign it. I know one day I'll pay for this. But I just hate all this legal crap.
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