Help on a Used Hydramaster SpitFire 3.2 with 1600 hours


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Aug 2, 2010
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Writing this post to see if any one has experience and suggestions on a used Hydra master SpitFire 3.2 with 1600 hours. Here link with some pics and videos explaining my questions. Hydramaster SpitFire 3.2 with 1600 hours Click here for Photo Gallery .

1. The Machine is missing the small debri filter in the Water Box. Where can I get one.?
2. It seems that some one has disconnected the inlet and outlet lines that used to run from the water inlet to Radiator then too then water box. I am guessing this was to preheat the water before it got to the water box and thus make it easier for the heat exchanger to heat the water hoter. Any ideas of why this was disconnected, and problems this might cause.? If I do need to reconnect all this stuff where do I get the parts?
3. The Pressure Guage is busted, where can I purchase a new one.
4. Need to get the hose that goes from the waste tank to the back of the Blower. Where Can I purchase this type of House.

If any one can help on these


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Jul 31, 2012
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Most of the parts can be gotten from jon don or somewhere like that.
Yes that is the preheater. Reconnect the hose and check it out. It may be clogged or damaged by a freeze up causing a leak.