Help, new Legend SE owner!


Mar 3, 2013
Hi All

I picked up a truck mount finally after using a portable for the last few years, it's a Problem Legend SE. It's got a bunch of hours on it but it's running finally after some fault finding.

Trouble is I have never used a TM so really don't know what to expect from it.

I have it all hooked up and the waste tank connected and pressure seems good but soon as I turn the heat bypass so it goes through the heat exchanger pressure drops. Also should the unit fill the waste tank without me vacuuming any water, when I disconnect the waste tank (or the vac is on) water comes out the vacuum line on the front of the unit, it gets worse when I open the heat bypass knob.

I have several issues I am still dealing with like a leak from the cat pump and oil leak from the engine and some guages not working which I will deal with after I know what works and doesn't. It's been a fun learning experience so far and looking forward to hopefully having a truck mount to use.

Hope someone can please help.

Thank you


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Oct 3, 2018
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Some truckmounts have a valve that will open to let water pass through and keep the heat exchanger at a safe temperature. If that got stuck open you would never build good pressure when using hot water and it would constantly pour water into the waste tank. With you experiencing those things, I would suggest that be your first place to start.