HELP NEEDED - Replacement heat exchanger/thermal accumulator coil.


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Sep 15, 2019
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Clancy Bannister
Hi all!

Has anyone ever had to replace a stainless steel exhaust heat exchange coil, particularly from earlier Steam Way models?

I recently pulled apart my heat exchanger for sidekick 6100 due to leaks. The stainless coil has a bunch of hairline cracks which have allowed corrosion of the fitting ends and exhaust outlet. I've pulled said coil out and need to replace it but CAN'T find anyone that can coil stainless tubing near where I operate (Rural Australia) or anything that resembles similarity aside from some brewing coils.

I contacted Steam Way in an attempt to track down a secondary or replacement component but this specific exchange hasn't been made in years!
No other avenues (fabricators, boilermakers, refrigeration specialist or plumbers) seem to be able to help me without significant constraints.
Do I continue to attempt to fix this part/is that possible? Is it worth looking to have a new custom exchange made up?

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!



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