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Sep 17, 2009
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I’ve now got 3 box trucks in my fleet. But they ate just white atm. Here are 3 mock ups. Making 2 more today. Don’t be shy tell me if you like it or not and why.

top one describes best your service.

*** Beforehand I say this with Absolutely no Malice towards you

in my opinion only use a real photo to describe yourself.
I personally would not focus my own face. If photos are used use a group or family photo to describe a warm description off your company, not you. When I see a photo of the owner or one person I got to admit 1 word comes to mind Narcissist. its different for labels on products. look at team logos or emblems they a hardly focus on a person, they use a mascot for that. I think the wand wrapped around the world looks incredible and really pops out IMO.

1st off the service or business should be the focus
2nd unless im actually famous or really attractive I would not mislead people with a cartoon drawing of myself, after all the person doing the cleaning will NOT/Never look the same.
3rd, Unless You actually will look the same on the wrap as in real person, then don't do it. People will only think your trying to escape aging and not accept that time will take its course. If you would have done this 20-15 years ago then it would be believable. Not anymore. I have accepted (ex ) that my hair is no longer full, black, its gone, and or with gray/white hair, my skin wrinkleless it looks like its been in a car wreck, with age spots, and now I wear glasses cause im blinder than a bat in the day, etc,etc,
another example is ; I knew a fellow that would handout pamphlets with his face on it, Not a bad Idea.....Except the photo was over 30 years old!!! when he was way thin, full hair and the best dressed pose. comparing the actual person from the pamphlet I knew he had issues on his look and did not want to accept his current physical status. someone who reflects on their business how they actually look only states 1 thing, they are Real, legit nothing to hide.

I hope I did not make you feel horrible or old. cause I do not think this is what you are or describing, but hopefully its something to think about
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Sep 5, 2007
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Here’s an update. Thoughts?


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