Hello I'm just joined the Forum...


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Jan 25, 2023
Nashville, TN
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George Clarke
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United States
Hi Everyone,

I've been around for many years, but have never been to this forum. So, here I am. I just wanted to introduce myself and since I have been Pressure Washing/Soft Washing since 2004, I figure this section would be as good as any. I'm testing if I have a signature setup right. So, My name is George Clarke and I'm located in Nashville TN. I have been washing for almost 20 years here. I have a very profitable business for the size. If I could ever scale to a million gross it would be crazy. I have gone minimal with my business for a few years while I have been pursuing some personal interests so I'm just getting back to rebuilding and hopefully meet some new goals. Some people might know me from UAMCC. Anyone from Nashville, just reach out and we can meet up if you feel like it.