Hello from Discover Care Care San Antonio Carpet Cleaning

Jun 7, 2017
Real Name
Alexander Levcovitz
Hey guys. My name is Alexander and I'm one of the owners of Discover Carpet Care in San Antonio, TX. Finally got around to making more of a business page for Discover Carpet Care. I founded Discover Carpet Care in 2014 along with my two incredible partners Anthony and John. We've been in business for almost 3 years now and while my partners had individual accounts I thought it was time for us to make more of a business account. Anthony, John, and I are a group of friends from high school who decided to start a carpet cleaning business a few years after graduating. Its been a lot of work but because of Anthony and John's incredible work ethic we've grown to be a top rated rated carpet cleaning business in San Antonio!

You can check out our website at http://www.discovercarpetcare.com

Constructive feedback on our website is always appreciated :)

We look forward to sharing our journey with everyone on the forum!

Matt Smith

Staff member
Aug 22, 2017
Virginia Beach
Real Name
Matt Smith
Hi, Alexander! Glad to hear about your success in the business since 2014 and your wonderful partners.

I've taken a quick glance on your website, and it looks very good.
Thank you for taking the time to join the forum and its discussions.