FB Has anyone ever focused solely on mattress...


Bryan King

Has anyone ever focused solely on mattress cleaning? Looking for a way to start smaller with less investment and then build up. I feel like mattress cleaning would be profitable. Does anyone have any advice?

Matthew Selay

You may add furniture cleaning since it uses similar equipment. I would think most hotels would use a carpet guy for mattresses.... Seems like it would be hard to survive only on mattresses.
Not trying to be mean but you really should work for someone before you really make a costly mistake . Even in your own comments your insecure . Working with someone will give you the experience and the boost you really need.

George Irving

I think I average about 20 mattresses a year. So not making a whoe lot off that. I remember when I first started in this biz, I started out with retirement homes. They had a ton of work, it was easy, and a lot of established carpet cleaning companies really weren't pursuing these. Especially if you have a portable would work perfect. I've been cleaning the same one now for almost 20 years.

Robert Mahon

Hard to know.
You could find a niche and become an "expert". After all that's all you do.
It's not easy to clean them to look new again so lots of practice to understand what is and isn't doable.
You never know.
You will learn lots of chemistry. Stain removal techniques.