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FB Had to do something to tonight that i detest...


Jason Miller

Had to do something to tonight that i detest doing with a flying passion... fire someone and right before the holidays at that to make matters worse it was a single mom with the 2 children. Multipal reasons why i had to but the biggest being i caught her red handed flat out lying to me about a serious issue.

What is the biggest thing you detest doing in business ?

For me its disciplinary actions and firing.

Pamela Baker

Same here. Letting people go is never easy. Necessary but not easy.

Josue Batalla

Customers driving around in audis and lifted trucks but not paying the money they owe me.

Scott PA Rovang

Having to let people go is sh**y, like you say, the timing wasn't good but, she is the one with bad timing and bad habits. Sounds justified to me. You did what you could right? Send her a Xmas card with a gift card in it. If that would make you feel better. It might make her think about what she lost being stupid. I wish her kids luck growing up with that shining example....

Carlos C-Los Samperio

Payroll with idiots that don’t understand punching in and out

Veroushka Menser

If you enjoyed firing single mothers, you wouldn't have much mental stability. Lol
I would say hiring isn't something I enjoy because it happens to frequently.

Kurt Skinner

Lying or stealing. All tied in with honesty and integrity. If you can't be straight up with me, you don't need to be around what I work hard for (business) or what others work hard for (clients).

Thomas Dunne Jr.

I also hate letting people go even though they deserve it. Unfortunate part of being the boss. For our companies to survive you have to let people go that deserve it or your other employees will see it and it will hurt your company even more