Gutter Vac / Skyvac System


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Apr 15, 2020
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Brett M
I have come across a few homes that needed a gutter cleaning but were extremely dangerous to try to clean from a ladder or roof. In a couple of these instances the customer was interested in having the gutters cleaned but I had to pass on the job because it would not have been worth the risk.

Does anyone have any experience using a gutter vac? I have been looking at the Skyvac systems and they are impressive. Has anybody used these before?


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May 1, 2022
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Phillipe Bics
The only time I have seen this working was with workers walking on a roof, so they could see what was up there. Otherwise, it'll always bring a question... was there any debris left? Unless it can be used in other circumstances (more often), I wouldn't invest in something you wouldn't use often.

But I'm with you. No money is worth being vulnerable to major risks.