Grass Seeds in Carpet

Rick J

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Jan 12, 2010
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Sorry, i believe that i may have used the incorrect term. I am not referring to a seed that you plant in the ground. After google searching i believe that the correct term is barley seed head, the spikey things that get caught in material. In Australia (where i am located) they are just referred to as grass seeds. I obviously had tried to vacuum and that had picked up alot of them. The ones i was referring to in my question were not just sitting on top of the carpet. They had over time with plenty of neglect been walked around and worked into the carpet. The carpet was loop pile and with the grass seeds (barley seed heads), once they start going in you have to keep pulling them through the same direction due to them being arrow shaped. Picture putting a fishing hook through the carpet pile and trying to pull it back out the way it started going in, due to the structure of the hook it's designed not to come out... the grass seeds are the same... they were a pain to pull out by hand as they were that worked in... the vacuum i used is a commercial one with a motorised head so it's a decent vacuum.. but i don't think any vacuum no matter how good would be able to get the grass seeds out that i had to do by hand.. my question was not posted for people to take as a joke.. i am new to the carpet cleaning industry (done it years ago but only recently decided to start my own business doing it) and thought maybe someone else may have had a similar encounter... obviously it's not going to be a common thing as most carpets getting cleaned wouldn't have grass seeds all through them... for all i knew there could be a machine out there or a certain procedure for removing grass seeds that i wasn't aware of. I appreciate the contributing comments that some have posted but unfortunately i don't think a vacuum would have helped in this situation.

Reminds me of burrs in a dog's hair. They do not come out easily.