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Dec 13, 2011
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Coating? No coating.
Grinding with resins and ceramics then compound. Granite is not the easiest learning curve. I find the darker the granite, the more fussy the polishing steps. Ted McFadden at Sureshine has a very decent video on YouTube that goes over the products and steps . Buy exactly what he uses. If you switch out for a similar type diamond or polish, you will get different results . There are other polishers you can use aside from the one he uses but not too many because u need one that is variable speed and starts at 0 for best results across different stones and hardnesses. Each stone is different. Granite isn't like Marble Travertine and Limestone. I think granite is an 8 or something and MTL is closer to a 4. So different diamonds and different speed and pressure on your polisher. It is a job you do better usually after messing up a bunch and having to correct. It's not like plumbing or HVAC, a lot of things can be learned with experience not by following a set of directions although directions are a good place to start. Check out that YouTube video. It's from a guy who is super involved with the restoration of stone and has the experience and patience to teach you. He even has an online course for stone restoration that can be extremely helpful for anyone in the profession. It's got all sorts of great info in the videos. Very much so worth the monthly all inclusive price and he is reachable by email for specific questions.