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ASA Got a call Yesterday...


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Dec 18, 2008
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Rickie Fontenot
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About a job I had scheduled Thursday the is a 120 mile round trip. Customer wanted me to charge a little less than I did for his in town home which had slightly larger area of carpet to clean(1200 SQFT out of town home total $350.00 in town home 1600 sqft $210). We are talking very litttle size difference, but 2 hours travel time and pay for employee.

Point is why would a well established custy risk a carpet cleaner he doesn't know over a well established cleaner he deals with. Point being custy will probably spend less; but not at my expense for him to save a dollar.

How many of you guys out there are seeing this??


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Jan 3, 2010
new york
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spot man
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I have seen it happen to me, and in some cases the "out of town cleaner" has done a poorer job than me....They have to expect the charges for your traveling "out of your area" to please them....otherwise just tell them it is too far for you to go..


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Jun 29, 2008
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Bill Vivers
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Of course, if we are driving out of our way we ad it into the bill. Just like if I have to use a portable it is an extra $100 right off the top. They don't like it they can choose another company.

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