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May 5, 2016
oshkosh, wi
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Is everyone on here already in the top 3 of their local Google Map Pack? I have had the luxury of being in the top 3 for several years now. Do you know how I got there? Here is a formula that you can replicate:
1. You need a fully optimized GMB page. Photos, Videos, 360 degree street view photo, and full business description.
2. Add your Name Address Phone Number and website to as many directories as you can. There are services that can do this for you, but give that done.
3. Ask your customers for 5 Star google reviews, these DO MATTER. Make sure you reply to these reviews too.
4. Create a Google MyMap and embed it on your website. Make sure the map is fully optimized and has keywords and links to your website in it.
5. Create Posts often; have an active GMB account.

These fiveitems above will get your GMB moving up the map pack.....and eventually it will plateau. Even with doing these 5 things, it is possible for your listing to get stuck. If you do get stuck or want to be more aggressive, we use a technique called Google stacking. This a very technical way of ranking your GMB, but it works. Basically we Brand a Google Blogger Page and fill it with content and the NAP. We then link that to a Cloud stack that includes Amazon, Azure and Github. All of the links we create in the cloud we then put into a Google Sheet and link it back to our GMB. The power of stacking these internet properties to your GMB sky rockets your Map Pack listing to the top.

If you need any help with getting your Map PACK listing to the top 3, you can email my guy at [email protected]

Hope this helps! Get out there and dominate your local area! Deliver a High Quality cleaning job and live the DREAM!
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