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Cee Bex

May 5, 2016
oshkosh, wi
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Dan Dringoli
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United States
Are you all using your Google Drive to your advantage? Are you stacking google properties as backlinks to your website that include your business NAP? Are you ranked in the top 3 of your local area map pack?

Are you sick of all of these leading questions, and just want answers? I am sharing with you a snip from my digital marketer that has me pinned on page 1 position 1 of the map pack for our sites.....

<Snip>Moz reported earlier this last year said that citations are less important than ever before. I don’t believe that. I think that we’ve all become blasé about citations. We order up 300 citations and only about 50 of those come back indexed and live. Maybe another 100 are live, but they’re not indexed. So here is what I have been doing for you all..... take your list of live citations and scrape for all of the other citations that might have been created since you last ordered. Once they’re all gathered up, set them aside. Go and write a unique piece of content about the business as the business description. Run it through an article spinner and manually check it for flaws. Then, upload a variation into the content description area for each one of those citations. Now take the list of all of the live citations and run it through the sheets module in Google Drive with your two main key words. Go log into the Gmail account that you ran the sheets module in and grab the embed code for that sheet. Now, go create a blogger for that account and Write a blog article or use a spun piece of content and make sure you include: a YouTube embed, an H1 with your main key word, an embed of an image from the GMB, and most importantly your sheet embedded at the bottom. THEN go into the set up of the blogger and connect the blog with webmaster search console. Tell Google to crawl that page and all of its links. Then, run a cloud stack at the Google sheet and Include the Google sheet as an embed on the Cloud documents. Go repeat the process on all of your other GMBs. You like what that did your map pack rankings? You’re welcome! </snip>
If you need help with this, contact Bill directly at [email protected] can tell him Cee Bex sent yah (he gives me free home brew for referrals:)
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