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Going to all VLM


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Feb 27, 2011
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I got asked ''the question'' for the first time this week from a long time customer.

I have been doing work for the Watsons for 15-20 years. All HWE until Wednesday.

I told them when they scheduled the work I would be doing VLM and I was done with HWE.

Mrs Watson said ... The carpets look super clean but where does the dirt go ???
She was smiling when she asked. Mrs Watson is very nice.

I told her the dirt gets encapsulated in the shampoo and then gets extracted by the bonnet. Any remaining residue crystallizes and gets vacuumed up the next time you vacuum. I told her the carpet will usually dry in 1-3 hours. She just said ok.

I room was berber and the other rooms/steps were 20-25 year old nylon.