Give your home a flu shot!


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Feb 1, 2012
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Hi everybody, long time without coming here,

We do a similar service in Mexico City, Sanitization services since 2008 we have it, against viruses & bacterias, etc....For homes, restaurants & offices. It’s an organic, biodegradable, citric seeds, minimum toxic. You can put also in fruits and vegetables, food, with No need for rinsing after applying.

Normally we sell a 3 service package, that it’s 30% cheaper per service than if you buy only one, we do it weekly, every 15 days or monthly, depende on the type of client, we have a 6 service package also that it’s 45 percent cheaper than only one. Or a monthly maintaining service.

This month we sold all this services, Sending a short video vía WhatsApp and facebook to Our list clients and friends, giving a 15% commission or a coupon discountsto them if they send this video to others and we sell it. It’s working very well that way.

Thankfully It’s selling very good right now because of this pandemia. And it’s helping us a lot with the very low demand on homes cleaning services.

The carpet cleaning contracts in offices we have, are still going well, no cancellations yet, but home carpet and upholstery cleaning it’s almost dead since March, that Mexico it’s in quarantine, this sanitization service help us a lot to compensate...

I recommend a lot to sell this service, it’s probably more profitable than pest control, we do pest control also, pest control probably it’s the bigger % profitable business that any body could have, it could be between 300 to 1000 percent, but Sanitization it’s maybe more, and of course have Less post service dangers, problems or controversies with clients.

I think this pandemia will help us a lot, to sell more monthly Sanitization services to offices in the future, for cleaning companies like ours, the people will be a lot more concern about it. It’s a great opportunity.



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Mar 10, 2020
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Stephen Jaenchen
Well, if it was just that easy! According to the GBAC (Global Bio-risk Advisory Council), whose expertise and research I trust far more, there are very few instances where fogging alone produces acceptable results when going after microbes (virus, bacteria, fungi). That is (primarily) because the fogging won't penetrate past the surface. If there is any visible soil at all, you can be sure that microbes below the surface of that soil are alive and well. Who of us ever entered a house or office and didn't see soil, spots, smudges, etc., especially in high traffic areas. In an area like a hospital or clean room where high touch surfaces are cleaned frequently (multiple times a day), fogging of this sort might be an acceptable and effective way of reducing viruses, especially in hard to reach areas.

I don't see a suit either. do they spray each other down when done? And will a dust mask, N-95 or other really suffice?

But, it is a convincing ad, people will buy it, some will get sick, and it will be very difficult for someone to determine the exact source of the infection. I am surprised that a franchise as large as Stanley Steamer would stick their necks out like this. I suppose they have had their attorneys assess it.
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Jan 22, 2017
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I will offer and do. I use PPE suit a 3m full face mask and gloves. I use clo2 i spray using a electrostatic sprayer. We use microfiber cloths and wipe down everything.Then we fog as last step. an ATP meter is on my list to get. Now we as cleaners the public has had a big wake up for cleaning for health.
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