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Dave Y

Carpet Cleaner
Jul 14, 2008
Real Name
Dave Yokum
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United States
I just revamped my home built 14 bucks a month website.

I was getting a lot of [email protected] about it looking a little 1970s

It is a bit of a throw back. In that it doesn't have a blog. flash. videos or any other of that fancy stuff.

Check it out and give me you opinions.

(I know it doesn't have a TMF logo.)

Art Kelley

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Feb 9, 2009
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Art Kelley
Dave, a quick look shows each paragraph below has errors that need to be corected. Site looks good.

while we do the cleaning. But, if you prefer,
We just need a 15 minute walk through to inspect the (we)
cleaning needs for your home. Then you can go back to work,
have lunch,run errands or just have fun!

We'll preform the carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning , area rug
oriental rug cleaning, allergy relief treatment ,allergen or dust mite
control, home or house cleaning, pet odor treatment, specially spot ( speciality)
cleaner or mattress cleaning and then securely lock-up your home.

Easy on Your Back
To prepare for your carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning You simply (you)
need to move the small items and breakables. We'll carefully move
most large furniture and upholstery & then place it back on protective
pads or blocks. We are happy to also just clean the carpet traffic
areas in your home or office if you prefer.

Great Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Our truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment will assure great
cleaning and fast drying. We specialize in the hot water extraction
cleaning method (Commonly referred to as Steam Cleaning) This type
of cleaning has been proven to be the most effective way to clean
soils and restore your carpet and furniture. This method also,won't (,)
leave any sticky shampoo residue like some methods.

Special Attention To Your Spots And Stains
We'll take the time to give extra attention to every detail with your
cleaning. We have special procedures & cleaners to remove problem
stains other carpet cleaners may say are permanent. Such as Gum, (. S)
Rust, Grease,Furniture stains, Pet problems,urine and even kool-aid.

Your Cleaning Is 100% Guaranteed
We guarantee your satisfaction on everything that we clean for you!
If you are unhappy with any cleaning for any reason we'll promptly (,)
return to your house, home or office and re-clean any problem areas.

Jarrod E

Aug 14, 2009
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Jarrod Elliott
Business Location
dave its definately not the worst site, maybe some better quality picutres might do it some justice. and holly crap your a cheap carpet cleaner, i may have to get you to come do mine at that price :)


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Sep 4, 2007
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Robert Allen III 'Tre'
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United States
Good job but I would switch the background to a solid color as it throws me off with whats there now and also the quality of logos/images are very blurred.

Other than that its coming along good Dave.

Throw a tmf backlink and you can keep your marketing link lol :)

Daniel Martinec

Staff member
May 21, 2008
Real Name
Daniel Martinec
Business Location
United States
Sorry but I dont care for it. Here are some easy changes you can make to help your site look more professional.

There are to many Tables nested inside the <div>'s

Center the body, Its left aligned at the moment.

Change your navigation to rectangles instead of ovals or remove the background shapes all together.

Your images for the most part are skewed. Try sizing them so they are not distorted.

The header: Lose the light purple drop shadow on the logo and instead maybe put a white glow behind it to make the blue font stand out on over the blue background. Ditch the background of the header, it looks like a default windows desktop. The colors are dingy as well. Instead use a solid or a gradient, maybe even a simple swooshing shape pattern. Change the colors on the "service you'll be bragging about" area. Red and yellow are not cutting it. Maybe make the tag line and "guaranteed" smaller and making your phone number bolder and adjust your tracking on the letters, they are spaced to far apart.

On your head shot maybe include the background, or if the background is unappealing, then take a new head shot.

Your free quote button is oval, i would assume it should be round. The text inside the oval is to large for the button.

All those links you have for "carpet cleaning links" would look much better if they were smaller and aligned in a horizontal fashion.

<div id "23"> is the wrong size or its off center or something, this is at the top and bottom as well.

As for the body, I would suggest re-reading your content. You have a lot of grammatical errors such as "Stay during YOUR OUR service if you want ..." and "if you have any questions about our service FREE to give me a call..." as well as "We'll PREFORM (this should read perform) the carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning ..." . You get the point. The first 3 paragraphs have typo's and grammatical errors. I would suggest proofing and fixing your entire content so it reads properly.

Those are some simple changes that should help you out and make your site look and feel little more professional. My review is based on loooking at the home page alone.