Getting into VLM, needing advice with logistics of Cimex


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Apr 18, 2017
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Trace Coulter
I just measured for a company that wants me to clean 3 massive apartment buildings common areas, mostly hallways. The apartments are for residents 55+, and they are all new, built within last 3 years. I have done massive jobs like this with my TM before, and it was a real hassle. Too long of hose runs, bad parking setup, pulling through windows of apartments, and have to CONSTANTLY move hoses for old folks using walkers and wheelchairs. I am a one man show. I decided that I am just going to set them up on an encap schedule, since they want it cleaned every 6 months or so. I will just HWE the entrance areas where there is a lot of dirt and traffic.

Now, i have used a cimex once before, only for about 5 hours. I rented it for a job, and was just sort of getting the hang of it. I realized though, it uses more water than i anticipated, and I ended up having to walk like half a mile to my van every 45 minutes to refill the thing. This defeated the entire purpose of doing VLM. (saving lots of time)

So I am thinking that since I work alone, I need to get some sort of wagon with a water supply that I take with me. What do ya'll use? Im thinking like some sort of 20 gallon or so tank that has a pumping mechanism of some sort on it. Any help appreciated.

Also, if they vacuum it regularly, do I really need to pre-vac? I know that that would be best practice, but I don't really want to waste time with it if it's not going to help much.

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Oct 3, 2018
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I agree with OxiFresh. There's usually some type of janitor closet on every floor in places like that. Just bring a bucket and your encap, measuring cup, and a few sets of pads up with you.

Always prevac though. As much as we want to have faith in the skills of their cleaning crews, they probably rush to do it every day and don't slow down for the brush roll to actually do its job. I filled a whole canister once 10 minutes after the cleaning crew came through one area only about 800 sq. ft.
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Ed Cruz

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Aug 1, 2013
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We used to fill up as many five gallon pails with encap mixed with water as we need and place them in each area along the way next to the walls. We fill the Cimex as we go.